Lovran, a town and summer resort on the south-eastern coast of Istria, 5 km south of Opatija. The great tourism conditions are made of clear sea and beaches, woods and always green parks.

11 km long coastal promenade leads from Lovran to Opatija and Volosko. Today it is know as a bath and health resort with a national sanatorium (the famous orthopaedic hospital) It is located two public and couple of hotel’s beaches. The mild climate (Mt. Ucka protects it in winter from the cold winds and in summer provides freshness), the lavish Mediterranean vegetation as well as the permanently landscaped environment make it one of the most elite summer resorts in Croatia. The first information about Lovran (called Launa) is from 7th century. The Town owned lords of Pazin, after the princ of Goritz and later the family of Habsburk.

Water sports offer is particularly interesting (yachting, water skiing, scuba diving, fisching); angling, walking along the promenade and also biking and tennis. Major events are the celebration of the St. George's Day, patron saint of Lovran, fishermen's feasts, Marunada - a feast dedicated to maroon chestnut gathering, International Yachting Regatta
Lovran Chuch of St. GeorgeLovran Chuch of St. George
Interior of St. Jiří church